Presentation 2015/16

The 2016 Presentation night was held at Redbourne club and was a real success thanks to Rod’s hosting skills and great entertainment from MASH
SAM 280344
Chairmans table (with Margaret fixing the raffle!)
  SAM 2804p7
table ‘Walshe’
SAM 2806p21
SAM 2813p11
Jamies sweet emporium
SAM 2824p3
MASH doing a great job entertaining the troops
SAM 2853p1
Paul Rowson receiving the Handicap trophy from MASH
SAM 2809p15
table Chabowski
SAM 2805p22
team sports club
SAM 2812p13
overspill from the main Rowson table
SAM 2811
table Rowson
SAM 2854p1
div 2 champs Spartans
SAM 2808p17
table Spartans
SAM 2814p10
Titans table
SAM 2816p9
table Maurine
SAM 2828p6
bog roll challange
SAM 2865p5
more fun and games
SAM 2860p3
ladies champ Klaudia Chabowska
SAM 2800z
John Dyson putting Darren and Aaron on his short list.