The STTA are looking to find a coach, or coaches, to help us strengthen and extend table tennis in Scunthorpe and the surrounding area?

STTA is prepared to fund at least one person and possibly two, to enable them to gain a coaching qualification to UKCC (UK Coaching Certificate) Level 1. You can find some details, if you follow the link below.

Although STTA can provide some financial assistance, if you’re going to take up this challenge, it’ll require a significant amount of time and commitment on your part; not only for the course itself, but also subsequently, using the newly acquired skills, to provide Level 1 coaching.

Getting anyone to come and play table tennis can be very frustrating. We have good local venues, good availability, good equipment and a good organisation, but it counts for nothing, if we don’t have a suitably qualified coach, to bring out and develop those necessary table tennis skills, for those that cross our threshold.

I’m sure many of you have the necessary level of playing skills, but coaching also demands other skills, such as patience, understanding and good communication. If you think you fit the bill, then I’m sure this could prove to be a most rewarding experience and we’d like to hear from you? STTA NEEDS YOU!!

To take this further, without any obligation at this stage, on your part, please contact any Committee member and we’ll arrange a meeting, to discuss the potential in more detail. Contact information is on the STTA website ~