Our very own John Mackey has been given the honour of Table Tennis England vice president.

I know John is very proud of this achievement and we believe he’s the first Scunthorpe league player to be honoured with a vice presidency.

John received this honour for

his service as a Technical Official, to National Committees notably Technical Officials Committee and in Lincolnshire

• International Umpire

• Tournament Referee and Tournament Organiser

• Member, then Secretary of Technical Officials Committee (and NURC previously)

• Secretary Tournament Approval Panel

• Member, Members’ Advisory Group and Rules Committee

• Officer at Club, League and County level in Lincolnshire

A bit of background on John you might not know.

John started playing table tennis in 1974 in the London Civil Service League, moving on to the Scunthorpe League in 1980. Scunthorpe League Secretary 1981-1986, Press Officer 1987-2005 and League President 1987-2005.

He has done a variety of administration roles beyond local league; Lincolnshire TTA Vice President, Treasurer of the British Table Tennis Association for People with Disabilities (now British Para Table Tennis) and Chairman of Blitz Table Tennis Club, Gainsborough.

 Served on the Technical Officials Committee 2004-2020, the final three years as Secretary; Rules Committee 2009; a current member of the Members’ Advisory Group; Tournament Approval Panel as Secretary from September 2020 and was recently appointed Chairman of that committee.

John qualified as a County Umpire (now Level 1) in 1996, National Umpire in 1999 (Level 2) and an International Umpire (Level 3) in 2002, and further qualified as a Blue Badge International Umpire (Level 4) in 2005. He went on to qualify as a Tournament Referee (Level 1) in 2014.

John has umpired in the finals of many major events, including the Women’s Team Final at the 2012 London Olympic Games, the Women’s Doubles Final  at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, the Men’s World Cup Final 2005, the Men’s Team Final at the 2011 European Championships and the final of the ITTF Pro Tour Finals in 2011.

John’s current involvement with Table Tennis England are,

  1. Chairman of the Tournament Approval Panel. The function of this committee is to :-
  2. sanction external events
  3. co-ordinate and publish the competition calendar
  4. assess the correct delivery of external events
  5. keep under review those parts of the TTE Regulations that relate to tournaments
  • Member of the Members’ Advisory Group (MAG). MAG is a source of strategic advice to the TTE Board on a wide range of issues relating to table tennis. Central to the role of MAG is improving two-way communication between the Board and the wider table tennis community. MAG is an important part of the governance structure of TTE.
  • Deputy Referee of the Veterans’ British league.

When asked about his achievement John gave the following comments.

 ‘When I first became involved in table tennis administration, as the Scunthorpe League Secretary in 1981, I had no idea that 40 years later I would still be involved, and at such a high level. My roles have been varied and this has made the journey all that more interesting and rewarding. I was never going to be a good player, and maybe surprisingly, I found that being an umpire came so naturally. I have much to thank table tennis for, a sport I love so much, and the honour of being made a Vice President of Table Tennis England is overwhelming’.